Our Commitment

to Your Privacy and Security at Fluid Medical

At Fluid Medical, we understand the responsibility of handling medical and personal information. Recognizing the critical importance of safeguarding this data, we’ve dedicated ourselves to implementing robust security measures. Our commitment goes beyond mere compliance; it’s about earning your trust every day.

Comprehensive Security Measures

Access Control

Ensuring only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.

Application Security

Rigorous security practices throughout our software development lifecycle.

Physical & Network Security

Guarding our physical and digital realms against unauthorized access.

Data Security & Data Protection

Encryption and other techniques to secure data at rest and in transit.

Monitoring & Incident Response

Monitoring our systems for suspicious activity and readying rapid response to potential security incidents.

Third-Party Management

Evaluating and monitoring third-party vendors to ensure they meet our high-security standards.

Change Management

Ensuring the stability of our systems through controlled changes and updates.

Periodic Reviews & Assessments:

Evaluating our security posture to adapt to evolving threats.

Privacy Officer

Our Privacy Officer oversees our privacy practices and helps ensure our compliance with relevant laws and regulations.