Access your Medical Records

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Share with any Physician!

Is this you?

Waiting too long for prescriptions?
Waiting in ER because you can’t see a doctor?
Repeating your symptoms yet again?
Missing follow ups?
Feeling alone in your health journey?

The problems we see

Your health data can‘t be easily shared, meaning practitioners can’t provide informed care.
Walk-in clinics, hospitals and telehealth are all independent.
Patients are not empowered to play a proactive role in supporting their own care.
30% of Canadians have nobody watching their health.

What we do

Put your patient history in your control.
Provide you analytical tools to better understand your health.
Empower pharmacies with remote physicians by sharing health data within scope.
Provide telehealth informed by your health history.
Support you long term with trusted, informed care.
Connect with insurers and regulators to stay outcome focused.
Empower collaborative care teams to deliver the best care, quickly.


We’re putting Patient data under Patients’ control to build better healthcare for all.
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